Advancing the Integration of Health and Wellness

Incorporating traditional and modern philosophies, with a holistic approach.

Soul Biotech is advancing the integration of health and wellness by creating a holistic platform with traditional and modern philosophies. Soul is the evolution of MySpray Therapeutics, which has created innovative and clinically developed products for the global natural health community in the areas of immune function, mental health, and pain management, since 2012.


Soul Biotech is the license holder of Natural Product Numbers (NPN) through the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate division of Health Canada, including the brands MySpray Therapeutics, MyShrooms, and MyPain Linimint.

Clinically Developed Products

DMSO preparations have always been an effective way to safely reduce pain from both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. For many years, there has been no DMSO preparations in sufficient strength to be effective for human use. MyPain Linimint is a topical preparation which is 80% DMSO and provides almost immediate improvement in musculoskeletal pain. I have been a ringside physician for over 42 years, and I am currently the Team Physician for the Windsor Express professional basketball team. I have also practiced emergency medicine, chronic pain medicine, urgent care medicine, and sports medicine for over 42 years.. I welcomed the availability of this preparation as it often replaces the need for dangerous opiates and NSAIDs in my patients. I am hoping that other physicians will utilize this effective tool in their patients as well!


Emergency Medicine and Chronic Pain Medicine Windsor, Ontario

I train in boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts and sustained a right elbow injury while training 4 months ago. I tried acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, icing the elbow, massage and chiropractic adjustments with minimal benefit. I started using the MyPain Linimint one month ago and I experienced immediate significant relief and this has allowed me to continue to train at full pace. I apply 3 sprays twice a day on training days and this allows me to train pain free. Thank you so much for introducing me to this great product!

Dr. Faisal Rehman MD, FRPC, M.Ed Professor of Medicine, Consultant Nephrologist LHSC

Clerkship Director Medicine, Schulich School of Medicine, Western University


Soul Biotech has been advancing the integration of health and wellness for over a decade, and have built relationships within the industry through global networking. Our vision is to expand on the creation of innovative formulas through research and development to include clinical trials of medicinal mushrooms, cannabinoids, and psychedelic compounds including psilocybin, with the development of an interactive treatment platform with the use of AI/VR, allowing for the creation of a global holistic integrated system.  

Research and development laboratory for controlled substances and clinical trials.

Product formulations, patents and genetics with cannabinoids and psilocybin.

Content creation with AI/APP/VR for integration towards a clinical application.

Our Team

Soul Biotech has developed an experienced team of innovators, healthcare professionals, business leaders, and partnerships throughout the industry. Our strength is through our experienced team of professionals with the shared approach of developing partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions to expedite corporate growth.

Nichol Martinuik

President & Founder
Nichol Martinuik has been an innovator in health sciences, traditional medicine, and the natural health industry since 1997, gaining clinical experience in pain management, disease prevention, and therapeutic health solutions. He leads with a vision of empowering the individual spirit in the pursuit of health and wellness, through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach.

Rachel Martinuik

Rachel’s belief is that success will be achieved through the values of respect, honesty, ethics and self-management. Her education in social justice provides the awareness to keep the company mindful of the personal, corporate and social responsibility. Rachel’s experience and education has built the foundation to see the possibilities of what Health Wellness can be when the goal is service to others.

Kelly Ivanochko

Executive Assistant
Kelly’s extensive knowledge in traditional health modalities in combination with her ability to anticipate and pivot when addressing company needs and the competence to “get the job done” makes Kelly a little bit magic, and an important part of the team.

Dr. Sandy Shultz

Research Advisor & Board Member
Dr. Sandy Shultz is an internationally leading researcher in brain injury and related neurological conditions. He is a Professor in the Faculty of Health and Human Services at Vancouver Island University where they established and lead the Vancouver Island Centre for Brain Injury Research. Dr. Shultz has published over 110 peer-reviewed journal articles and has obtained over 50M in research funding.

Joining the Soul Team in 01/2023

Dr. Stephen Goulet, MD

Medical Advisor & Board Member
Dr. Goulet is a Graduate from University of Manitoba Medical School, with additional training in the specialization in Internal Medicine. Dr. Goulet has participated further in continuing his medical education in Integrative Medicine and Mindfulness in Medicine, with a focus on addressing disease as it intersects on the biological, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual realms. 

Dr. Doug Tataryn

Clinical Advisor & Board Member
Dr. Tataryn received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1991 from the University of Arizona, minoring in statistics and research methodology. He spent ten years as a research professor with the University of Manitoba, and is a clinical psychologist with the Manitoba Cancer Treatment and Research Centre. Dr. Tataryn is a long-time meditator (44+ years) and founder of the Bio-Emotive Framework.

Dr. Andrew Tait

Production Advisor & Board Member
With vision, innovation and dedication, Dr. Tait works to identify traditional medicines and enhance their chemical and biological profiles by the use of nature-inspired techniques – resulting in new therapeutic solutions for millions of users. He founded Tait Laboratories in 2011, which is a natural product company committed to modernizing and validating traditional natural medicines with scientific research.

Dr. Jake F. Felice

Formulation Advisor & Board Member
Dr. Jake is a cannabis author, clinician, educator and consultant whose vision is to advance the science and practical application of medical cannabis for medical and recreational markets around the world. Dr Felice writes Category 1 CME courses for doctors on the ECS. Dr. Felice advises dietary supplement and cannabis companies regarding optimal botanical product development and has consulted many of the major cannabis companies and institutions.

Dr. Jafar Soltan

Manufacturing Advisor & Board Member
Dr. Jafar has a PhD in chemical engineering and comes to the Soul Biotech team with a wealth of knowledge in new out of the box design and technology ideas. He graduated from University of British Columbia (UBC) with a degree in Chemical Engineering and has since built himself to being a very well rounded academic that has put theory to practice in many applications.


Scale of the markets

$ 20 B USD
Health Apps
$ 0 B USD
Immune Health
$ 20 B USD
Pain Management
$ 10 B USD
Mental Health Performance


Each of these markets have been underserviced with products that have not historically worked well.

Traditional medicine including fungi have long been used in various medical modalities globally, and the source of numerous pharmaceuticals. In today’s world with aggressive pathogens including viruses and bacteria, overall interest towards improving immune function has never been greater.

With the higher than average levels of stress within society, mental health and cognitive function concerns have been increasing at significant rates. Mental health awareness and the requirement for successful treatments will continue to rise in the near future.

Impacting all levels of society, the awareness of the overuse and risk that come with current options for the treatment of pain and inflammation continues to drive demand for innovative, effective, and safer options.

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Message from our Founder

"Success will be achieved through the values of mutual respect, wholeness and self-management found within a teal organizational structure, rather than a top-down approach. This will inspire and motivate the individual soul to discover their unique potential."
Nichol Martinuik

Soul Biotech is advancing the integration of health and wellness, creating innovative and evidence-based solutions with traditional and modern philosophies.